03 Oct 2017

Buying or building a house should be an exciting time in any person’s life. You are making your dreams a reality through hard work and dedication—whether it is through finding a beautiful home environment or looking to capitalise on an investment property. Similarly, in the event of selling, it should be a smooth and seamless […]

03 Oct 2017

The importance of a thorough building inspection report cannot be overstated. The report is a direct reflection of our own building and inspection experience, which means we are naturally meticulous with its content. A good report will specify visible and non-visible defects, their urgency, photographs, a pest report, and recommendations on finding resolutions. Whether buying […]

22 Jun 2015
Building Inspection

Finding the right company to do a pre-purchase building inspection for your Adelaide home is important before you invest your savings. Detail Building Inspections are here to help you find any hidden defects in your property. Pre-purchase building inspections will help determine whether or not your future Adelaide home is worth your hard earned and saved investment. Unfortunately in the building […]

19 Jun 2015
Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Purchasing a new home or property in Adelaide can be a scary step in your life. There is always a risk buying a home that could have defects you can’t see, which could end up costing you a lot of money and heartache. Detail Building Inspections are here to help you make that important decision when you’re looking to buy property using quality building […]