When you build or renovate, regular inspections during the process can save you a lot of time, money, and pain. Inspections during construction ensure that your new building is compliant, flawless, and well-built.

Here is how your staged building inspection will work.

Stage One: Footings and slab

The slab forms the foundation for your building, so it is important that it is correctly laid.

Your inspector will:

  • Help you ensure that your slab is the size that it should be
  • Ensure that your wet areas and brickwork will be problem-free
  • Advise about landscape grading and prevention of slab-edge dampness.

Stage Two: Roof and wall frames

The skeleton of your house determines the shape of the final product, and how strong it is. If you don’t get it right, you will have to start all over again!

Your inspector will:

  • Ensure that your building frame meets all required standards
  • Ensure that connections to the slab and roof are correct
  • Verify that the construction is problem-free

Stage Three: Roof covers and external cladding

Your roof saves you from the weather! A well constructed roof covering will not only prevent damage, but it will also ensure that you have no long-term problems. Your inspector will inspect the roof covering for gaps or issues that can impact you later.

Your inspector will also:

  • Check that brick ties are installed
  • Check that brick ties are in the right locations
  • Check all articulations
  • Look for damp course installation
  • Look for weep holes and check effective drainage
  • Check ventilation points

Stage Four: Wet area waterproofing

Your construction needs to have waterproofing membranes properly in place in all wet areas. This prevents damage and dampness developing over time.

Your inspector will:

  • Examine all wet areas
  • Ensure that waterproofing membranes are in place
  • Check for any potential issues

Final stage: Practical completion

The final inspection is one of practical completion. This means that we give your new construction a once-over to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Your inspector will inspect and report on the finished standard and compliance of your new home or build.

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