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Staged building inspections Adelaide

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When you build or renovate, regular inspections during the process can save you a lot of time, money, and pain. Inspections during construction ensure that your new building is compliant, flawless, and well-built.

Here is how your staged building inspection will work.

Stage One: Finished Slab

The slab forms the foundation of your building, so it is important that it is laid in accordance with the drainage plan and working drawings for your project.

Your inspector will check.

  • Finished floor level, relative to the temporary benchmark.
  • Surface level for tolerance.
  • Set downs and rebates.
  • Slab orientation.
  • Slab dimensions.
  • Plumbing penetration locations.
  • Vapour barrier.
  • General requirements of AS2870-2011.

Stage Two: Roof and Wall Framing

The roof and wall framing forms the skeleton of your house.

Your inspector will check.

  • Roof framing against the roof framing layout.
  • Roof framing against the requirements of AS4440-2004.
  • Wall framing against the wall framing layout.
  • Wall framing against the requirements of AS1684-2010.
  • Roof and wall bracing.
  • Roof and wall tie down fixings.
  • Room sizes and wall framing for plumb.

Stage Three: Roof and Wall Cladding

Correct installation of the external cladding of your home will not just ensure your home looks great, it will also ensure that the building is ventilated and weatherproof.

Your inspector will check.

  • Damp course installation.
  • Weep holes / Wall vents.
  • Brick tie installation.
  • Articulation joint location and detailing.
  • Masonry tolerances to AS3700-2018 and AS4773-2015.
  • Requirements of the Bush fire attack level of the locality.
  • Alternative wall cladding systens to manufacturers specifications.
  • Tile roof cladding to Building Code of Australia.
  • Metal roof cladding to Building Code of Australia.
  • External services to the working drawings.

Stage Four: Internal fit out and Wet area waterproofing

Compliant water proofing is one of the most important areas of construction to ensure the health and amenity of your home.

Your inspector will check.

  • Wet area water proofing complies with the Building Code of Australia and AS3740-2010.
  • External water proofing complies with the Building Code of Australia and AS4654.2-2012.
  • Water proofing membrane application, including the membrane dry film thickness.
  • Internal dry wall linings installation and joint flushing to level 4 finish.
  • 2nd fix carpentry.
  • Joinery installation.

Stage Five: Practical completion

Practical completion is the final stage inspection, where your house is inspected to cover the finishing trades of your build.

Your inspector will check.

  • Internal and external paint finish.
  • Wet area tiling.
  • Wet area fittings and fixtures.
  • Internal and external ceramic tiling.
  • Applied floor coverings.
  • Appliances for damage.
  • Doors and windows for adjustment.
  • External landscaping where applicable.

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Detail Building Inspections performs inspections 7 days per week, and in most cases you will have reports within 24 hours of your call.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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