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The Different Types of Building Inspectors in Adelaide

March 5, 2018
By Adam
Posted in Pre-Purchase Property Inspections
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The Different Types of Building Inspectors in Adelaide

The Types of Building Inspectors in Adelaide


Building and construction inspectors play a crucial role in making sure the home you are looking to purchase is safe and worth the money. A good inspector will ensure that all buildings comply with Australian building codes and standards.


A building inspectors main job is to check a property’s structural integrity and safety. Determining if the materials used are of an appropriate standard and if other aspects such as alignment, elevation and levels all comply with the Australian Building standards.


While they are often all put under one umbrella, there are a variety of different building inspectors in Adelaide. Here at Detail Building Inspections, we’ve put together a list of the various types of inspectors and what they look for while inspecting a property, to help make choosing the right one easy!


Residential Inspectors


Residential building inspectors specialise in the inspection of existing and newly-constructed dwellings. Your home inspector will look at the homes structural integrity by assessing things such as the condition of carports, interior and exterior walls, electrical wiring, ventilation, refrigeration systems and air-conditioning.  


While a residential building inspector does not have the authority to enforce owner compliance with building codes, they are still able to report any structural violations. Home inspectors are used by potential home buyers who want to know about a property’s condition and structure before signing on the dotted line.


In some cases, homeowners may request a building inspection service before they choose to put their property up for sale, helping them to determine the value of their homes before they put it up for sale.


Commercial Inspectors


Much like buying a residential property, buying commercial is a substantial decision. Be a smart buyer, and ensure that you are fully informed about the property before signing any contracts.


A commercial building inspector will be able to come in and identify all of the property’s defects, both major and minor. With our detailed inspection report, you will be able to fully understand the property’s true condition before fully committing to such a significant purchase.


Plan Examiners


A plan examiner will ensure that your building plans follow Australian building codes and standards. They will be able to inform you as to whether the proposed structure can stand up to environmental and engineering demands of particular sites.

However, a specification inspector works for the owners of the building and makes sure that the building is being constructed according to the specifications in the plan.


Staged Building Inspectors


When choosing to build or renovate your home, investing in regular inspections throughout the process can save you both time and money. With our inspections throughout the construction process, you can rest assured that your new project is built in compliance with relevant building standards.


Our inspectors will look at everything from the slab and footings through to the final inspections at completion so you can move in with confidence.  


Electrical and Plumbing Inspectors


Electrical inspectors will look at pre-installed electrical systems to determine whether they work in accordance with electrical codes and standards. These inspectors will look at the property’s wiring, sound, lighting, security systems, and installed electrical wiring for appliances and heating and cooling systems. However, please bear in mind that mechanical inspectors are the ones who will thoroughly check the installation of the HVACR systems to ensure they are working well.


Plumbing inspectors ensure that drinking water systems are sufficiently installed and are safe to drink, while also inspecting the industrial piping and check if the waste is being disposed of in a sanitary manner.


Pest Inspectors

When getting a property inspected, one of the most important aspects to look out for is the presence of unwanted pests, such as termites. Leaving a termite infestation untouched can lead to not only severe damage to the structure of your home but also costly repairs.

Each of our home inspectors is a qualified pest inspector and controller. Once we have completed your home pest inspection, your report will entail the measures that need to be taken to control and remove the pest infestation.


Choosing to combine your pest and home inspection is the best way to ensure you get the most comprehensive report available. Detail Building Inspections offer this service.


Fire Inspectors


When building a home fire prevention measures are extremely important, as buildings that fail to meet these standards are fire hazards that put you and your family in danger.


A fire inspector will ensure that a building complies with fire codes and standards.


Insurances and Licenses


Above all, you’ll want to make sure that the inspector you choose to go with is fully licensed and insured. Especially, since the building inspections industry is not regulated in Adelaide.


With the team at Detail Building Inspections, you’ll never have to worry about a lack of qualifications.


All of our inspectors are part of the construction industry and have the following accreditations:

  •    National Construction and Building Supervisor registration
  •    National Construction license and Building Supervisor registration, number BLD183023
  •    Certificate IV Building and Construction
  •    Diploma: Building & Construction
  •    Certificate in the Timber framing code
  •    Certificate in Elements of Roof framing & trusses
  •    ITC Certificate 1 in Thermography (Melbourne University)
  •    Pest control license #84868, issued by SA Health.


For the best in the business look no further than the Detail Building Inspections Team. Qualified in extensive areas of building inspection, you can rest assured that your next inspection will be thoroughly followed promptly by a detailed building report. We service all areas of Adelaide, call today to organise a quote!



Defects found upon inspection that need addressing immediately
Safety hazards that require urgent attention
Major defects that require professional help due to extensive damage
Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance
Anything we feel is need for concern
Most Common Defects :
Dampness Issues
Termite Infestation
Fire Hazards
Poor External Surface Drainage
Damaged Roof Sheets Or Tiles
Safety Switches
Leaking Showers & Baths
Smoke Detectors
Major & Minor Wall Cracks
Subsiding Foundations
Defective Gutters
Decayed Boundary Fences
Tree Root Damage
Safety & Electrical Hazards
Bouncy & Uneven Floors
Leaking Hot Water Units
Non Compliant Downlight’s
Active Water Leaks
Salt Damp
Brick & Mortar Deterioration
Subfloor Ventilation
Damp Proof Course

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Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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