Our dilapidation report will help you establish the condition of an adjacent property or structure at any point in time prior, during or post renovation or construction of your property.

If you are renovating or constructing a property in Adelaide it is vital to document the current conditions of any adjacent property, our dilapidation report will help you avoid conflict with neighbours, builders and councils etc. With a detailed report of existing defects including images that outline the current condition of a property or structure at that point in time to be used as a reference later.

Ideally a dilapidation inspection and report should be undertaken prior to any excavation or construction has commenced. Your dilapidation report will cover areas such as masonry walling, concrete and paved pathways, concrete and paved driveways, fences, drainage, landscaping, trees, out buildings, tiled areas such as wet areas and shower alcoves.

Adelaide Building Inspector

Dilapidation inspections are available 7 days a week, in most cases an inspection can be undertaken within 24 hours of your request.