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What Do I Need to Know About a Building Inspection?

January 23, 2018
By Adam
Posted in Pre-Purchase Property Inspections
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What Do I Need to Know About a Building Inspection?

When it comes to buying or selling a property, we won’t be the first ones to tell you that it can be one of the most stressful and exciting times in your life. You’re about to make a substantial financial decision, and it’s no wonder you’re looking for the best value for money.


By taking the time to invest in getting a building inspection completed on the home, you can walk into or out of the financial commitment with the knowledge to make a confident choice. A pre-purchase inspection report will look at any defects, its susceptibility to damage and any present or future pests on the property. Not only will a report provide you with background knowledge about the structural integrity of the property, but it will also allow you to negotiate a fair price, which will save you money in the long run.


We don’t want anyone to be left with a lemon, which is why Detail Building Inspections are here to help our clients make the informed choice. We’ve listed what’s involved in a building inspection below so you know what you can expect from one of our services.


What is a pre-purchase inspection report?


A pre-inspection report is precisely what the name suggests. You get this type of inspection done before you purchase a property, otherwise referred to as a ‘standard property report’. This report is a written account of the property’s condition. Informing you about any significant building defects or structural problems such as rising salt damp, safety hazards, wall cracking and movement.


You would usually get this type of inspection before you sign any contracts of sale to ensure that you are aware of any problems with the property which can prove costly if left unattended.


Why do I need a building inspection report on my property?


There are a number of priceless reasons as to why you should get a building inspection completed before you sign on the dotted line. We’ve listed probably the most common and our top three:


  •    To ensure you are well aware of any problems with the home before buying
  •    Use the information received in the report to negotiate a lower price
  •    Gain specialist advice and opinions about major structural problems and how they will affect the property and your bank balance over time.


Be sure to choose a qualified inspector.


When requiring an Adelaide pre-purchase building inspection, you should always employ the knowledge of a qualified person, such as a licensed builder, architect or surveyor. These professionals will be able to provide you with expert advice and a professional building inspection report on your chosen property.


These qualified professionals will understand what to look for and will see through any cover-ups that may be put in place by the seller and otherwise be missed by an untrained eye.


An inspector will ensure that the content of the report complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1). An important aspect to look at when hiring an inspector is to ensure that they acquire the appropriate insurance cover in case of an unfortunate event happening.  


Contents of a report


The amount of detail in an inspection report depends on the type of property, its age and size, condition and the processes used by the inspection consultant.


These aspects can also influence the cost of the report. You may also find that photographic evidence of inspector’s findings is included within the report. Overall the most important thing is that the report complies with Australian Standard.


Below We’ve Listed the General Outline of an Inspection Report



Overall your inspector should be looking at all accessible parts of the property including the following:


  •    Interior
  •    Exterior
  •    Roof space
  •    Under-floor space
  •    Roof exterior


The Site

Not only will the inspector inspect the home, but other built structures on the property:


  •    Carports, sheds
  •    Separate toilets and laundry’s
  •    Non-structural retaining walls
  •    Steps/ outdoor stairs
  •    Fencing
  •    Driveways and paths
  •    Stormwater runoff



You can also request that specific parts of the property, or particular items are inspected. These can include:


  •    Signs of asbestos
  •    Existence of electrical safety switch
  •    Working smoke alarms


Things not Included in an Inspection

When hiring an inspector to be sure to understand what is and what isn’t included in your inspection report. Your building inspection should not be seen as an all-encompassing report dealing with every aspect of the property. Instead, it should be looked as a reasonable attempt to identify significant problems that are visible at the time of the inspection.


A building inspection report usually will not include:

  •    Reports on parts or areas of the property that could not be inspected at the time of the inspection.
  •    Matters outside the consultant's expertise
  •    Repair cost estimates
  •    Minor defects
  •    Termite detection (we offer a separate pest inspection service to acknowledge any presence of pests on the property).


Factors That May Affect the Report


Certain conditions can affect the accuracy of a pre-purchase building inspections final report. These can include:


  •    Problems, such as rising salt damp or leaks that may prove to be difficult to detect due to weather conditions.
  •    Problems that may have been deliberately covered up to make the area appear to be problem free.
  •    Difficulties detecting leaks and other issues if services such as water, that has not been used for a considerable amount of time.


Other Types of Report Services We Offer in Adelaide


Special-Purpose Property Reports

This will cover the same aspects as a building inspection, while also looking at repair cost estimates, lists of minor problems and repair work recommendations.


Pests Inspections

A traditional pre-purchase building inspection report will identify visual termite damage, but it won’t include the detection of termites and other pests that still exist. It is a wise idea to get both a building and pest inspection done when looking to purchase a property. Luckily for you, Detail Building Inspections offer both.


Pre-sale Building Reports

Vendors will get a building report on the property prior to putting it up for sale so they can give it to interested buyers.


We understand that buying a new property is an exciting, yet daunting experience with so many aspects to consider. That’s why Detail Building Inspections is here to help relieve some of the stress. Our highly experienced building inspection professionals will thoroughly inspect your property to give you the peace of mind and knowledge you deserve. Call the team at Detail Building Inspections for your next pre-purchase Adelaide property inspection today!



Defects found upon inspection that need addressing immediately
Safety hazards that require urgent attention
Major defects that require professional help due to extensive damage
Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance
Anything we feel is need for concern
Most Common Defects :
Dampness Issues
Termite Infestation
Fire Hazards
Poor External Surface Drainage
Damaged Roof Sheets Or Tiles
Safety Switches
Leaking Showers & Baths
Smoke Detectors
Major & Minor Wall Cracks
Subsiding Foundations
Defective Gutters
Decayed Boundary Fences
Tree Root Damage
Safety & Electrical Hazards
Bouncy & Uneven Floors
Leaking Hot Water Units
Non Compliant Downlight’s
Active Water Leaks
Salt Damp
Brick & Mortar Deterioration
Subfloor Ventilation
Damp Proof Course

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Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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