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Building Inspections Cowandilla

June 26, 2018
By Adam
Posted in Pre-Purchase Property Inspections
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Building Inspections Cowandilla

Cowandilla Building Inspections

Located only 8 minutes away from the Adelaide CBD, is the small, multicultural suburb of Cowandilla. Next to Mile End, the suburb has close access to a range of shops, restaurants and schools making it the perfect location for the old, young, professionals and families.

Cowandilla is history-rich, as such you can expect that this is reflected in the styles of homes present in the area. There is a wide range of character homes situated on wide blocks as well as a number of modern homes as the result of sub-divisions.

When it comes to buying a new home, especially those in Cowandilla, it is important that you protect your investment by gaining a good understanding of a property before you sign for it. At Detail Building Inspections, our building inspection services have helped a range of buyers and homeowners to ensure that they are making a smart investment choice and getting the most for their money.

Our building inspection team has years of experience, providing quality building inspection services to both residential and commercial properties all over South Australia.

Going Once, Going Twice, SOLD!

When buying a home, an increasingly popular sale method is the auction. However, with this comes a multitude of nerves for both the buyer and seller of the property. The nature of an auction means that once that hammer slams down and the words “sold” as yelled out, that’s it. You’ve bought it, and often there’s no going back. Even if after auction day you realise that the property is riddled with hidden defects. This is why you’ll want to ensure that you are confident with your investment choice and hire a building inspection professional!

At Detail building Inspections, we can help you! A pre-auction building inspection allows us to inspect the property before the date of the auction. This will provide you with not only a professional opinion but also a thorough building inspection report that will list any present defects – advising you of any structural issues, both major and minor.

By investing in this service, you will be given the opportunity to have a full understanding of any issues of potential repairs needed. Meaning when auction day does come around you can adjust your bidding limit to suit.

Why Cowandilla?

With space in the city fringe becoming increasingly hard to find, Cowandilla is one of the few suburbs in Adelaide that still has generous land offerings as well as proximity to the heart of Adelaide.

However, there’s no need to travel into the city to take advantage of the state’s multicultural, diverse culture. Cowandilla and close by Mile End, are riddled with fantastic cafes, shops and restaurants making the area a hot spot for those looking to take advantage of this lifestyle.

Looking for a Cowandilla Home? You Need Detail Building Inspections!

If you’re looking to purchase a residential or commercial property in Cowandilla, give the Detail Building Inspections team a call today! With years of industry experience, you can trust that our inspections are nothing short of informative and high-quality!


Defects found upon inspection that need addressing immediately
Safety hazards that require urgent attention
Major defects that require professional help due to extensive damage
Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance
Anything we feel is need for concern
Most Common Defects :
Dampness Issues
Termite Infestation
Fire Hazards
Poor External Surface Drainage
Damaged Roof Sheets Or Tiles
Safety Switches
Leaking Showers & Baths
Smoke Detectors
Major & Minor Wall Cracks
Subsiding Foundations
Defective Gutters
Decayed Boundary Fences
Tree Root Damage
Safety & Electrical Hazards
Bouncy & Uneven Floors
Leaking Hot Water Units
Non Compliant Downlight’s
Active Water Leaks
Salt Damp
Brick & Mortar Deterioration
Subfloor Ventilation
Damp Proof Course

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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