It’s perfectly harmless until it’s broken, cut, drilled, sawn or whatever because it is the fibres inside the asbestos that are the killers and working with the material releases those fibres.

Don’t DIY.

Call a professional.

Even if it’s simply to be sure the material does contain asbestos.

But do ensure that professional has a current license and check out their previous experience.

And when they’re on the job, don’t play foreman.

Leave them to it and remove yourself from potential danger, especially if the job is inside where stray fibres could find their way into your lungs.

If circumstances dictate you have to do it yourself, start by getting a sample tested. A laboratory will cost between $60-$100 per sample and will depend on the type of material and analysis technique that is required.

And please remember to take all the recommended precautions for the sake of not only your own health but those around you. That involves preparing the area properly, protective clothing and wearing a respirator.

The Australian Government Department of Health website for a detailed list of advice and precautions but as we said at the start, don’t DIY is the best thing to do.

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