Paving around your home does a far bigger job than simply tidying up the look of the house.

Faulty paving is a frequent problem we encounter.

If it is incorrectly or poorly done, water can get through and work its way under the foundations.

Once in a home, dampness is an expensive problem.

The best way to avoid faulty paving is to insist the builder does it at the time of construction. This ensures it falls under the exacting eye of the building engineer and will be of the highest standard.

Doing it some time later to save money could result in a second rate job which may already be too late or in the future, your home could move and crack.

Likewise if you do it yourself.

While you might be pretty handy, it really does need a professional looking at the paving in immediate contact with your house.

Let them do the surrounds of the house and you put in any other paving around the lawn etc.

Remember paving next to the house is not decoration; it is defence.

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