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Top Adelaide Sports You Can Enjoy In South Australia

The Adelaide Sports scene is quite rich compared to other cities in Australia, and if you're visiting the city, then you should know that there are many activities you can enjoy here. So, for instance, if you love swimming with sea creatures and want to take pictures of their habitat, then you're in for a surprise. Here's a list of the popular activities you can enjoy in Adelaide.

Watching and swimming with dolphins

While in other parts of the country swimming with dolphins is a very rare activity, in Adelaide it's something that tourists consider very often. So if you've never been face to face with a dolphin before, then you may want to take up the opportunity of watching and even swimming with them. Dolphins are very gentle and intelligent creatures and swimming next to them is going to be one of the best experiences you'll ever have.

Cage dive with the deadly white shark

Port Lincoln is the place to be if you love white sharks, and you'd like to feel the adrenaline rush through your body as you cage dive with one. Coming face to face with a great white shark is going to teach you a lot about yourself, and it's also going to be one of the most formidable experiences you'll ever have. Just don't forget to bring some underwater cameras to take video and photos of the shark and yourself next to it. Your friends on social media will smash that like button!

Swim with sea lions

Do you like sea lions? These cute, gentle and beautiful creatures can help you better understand the world that you don't regularly get to see in your daily life, and that is going to help you have more respect for them and all the seas and oceans around the world. If you're not alone though, and you also want to bring your kids to experience this, then keep in mind that they need to be at least five years old.

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If for whatever reason you may only want to watch the sea lions or maybe some of your friends are afraid of water, then don't worry, since they can watch them and take pictures from the boat. Again, if you dive with the sea lions, always bring a camera that's water resistant and can take great quality pictures. We guarantee that after the tour is over, you're going to want to relive those moments again and again, and the best way to do that is to watch the videos you took of yourself swimming with these wonderful creatures! There's no doubt Adelaide sports are the best.

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