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Learning More About The Adelaide Weather

Have you ever wanted to visit Adelaide, but you weren't sure if that's a good idea? Well, the truth is that the Adelaide Weather is quite beautiful, and this means that no matter if you love snorkeling or have other hobbies, you can certainly enjoy them while visiting here.

Temperatures in the summer

One of the best things about Adelaide is that it has a Mediterranean climate with dry and hot summers and cool to mild winters with moderate rainfall. The summer season in Adelaide starts in December and ends in February and during this time, you'll be able to enjoy temperatures that average a maximum of twenty-nine degrees Celsius. On the other hand, there will also me some exceptions to the rule, so don't be surprised if on some days the temperatures will be way hotter than that (up to thirty-nine degrees C).

Temperatures in the winter

In Adelaide, the winter seasons starts in June and ends in August, and the minimum temperatures range between seven to eight degrees, while the average maximum ranges from fifteen to sixteen degrees Celsius. While the Adelaide Hills may see frosts, elsewhere these are very rare with the most important ones having occurred in July of nineteen oh eight and July of nineteen eighty-two. The winter in Adelaide is quite windy, so the temperatures are going to seem a lot cooler because of that.

Temperatures can vary greatly

It's very important to note that in the past twenty years, the climate in Adelaide has been a lot warmer than it used to be and in the last eight years temperatures of forty degrees in the summer have been quite common. Also, just for the record, Adelaide has the driest climate in the country, so you may want to keep that in mind when planning your vacation here.

When it comes to rainfalls, they're infrequent, light and unreliable, with the average in January and February being around twenty mm. However, there are also months when the area doesn't experience any rain at all. For instance, sixty-nine days have passed in eighteen ninety-three without raining. On the other hand, there is quite a bit of rainfall in the winter, and June is the only month in the year when it rains heavily.

As you can see, the Adelaide weather is overall great for those who appreciate warm climates and the many activities that go along with them. Enjoy your time here!

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