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The latest Adelaide News are indeed sad, with a man in his sixties reported dead after a very unusual incident that took place at the Adelaide airport. The man is said to have died after two planes collided on the tarmac. Shortly after the incident, the police were called in to the scene, including paramedics to see if there was anything they could do to save the man's life. Unfortunately, the injuries were fatal, and the medics' efforts were in vain. There is still no information about the extent of the injuries, and the police and medics will likely offer more information about this as the investigation progresses.

According to information from the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, it seems that someone attempted to start an aircraft, and somehow, he lost control of it and ended up colliding with a stationary aircraft. Fortunately, it seems that both planes were empty, so no one else got injured as a result of the crash. Still, the airline is going to have to pay a lot of for the damages the planes suffered unless they have proper insurance in place.

This is indeed a tragic event, especially since it was likely caused due to lack of following proper procedure. On Monday, the ATSB will have a team of investigators over at the airport to learn more about what happened and see whether it was something that could have been prevented.

As for the man that lost his life in this unfortunate incident, he was from Wattle Park and was sixty-two years old.

According to the police, accidents like this are extremely rare, and the fact that this one happened is very sad indeed. The police also said that the accident might make some airlines invest more in training programs to ensure that everybody on the ground and the plane follows protocol.

There is still an ongoing investigation about what happened at the Adelaide airport today and new information about it will become available in the next week or so in the Adelaide news. There is no information yet or official statement from the airline, but there could be public demands from the public that the airline CEO step up and issue an official statement about the incident and what they are prepared to do to ensure that such unfortunate events won't happen again in the future. And if you'd like to learn a little about Adelaide sport please go here.

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