Windsor Gardens Building Inspections

Blessed with perhaps the loveliest name in Adelaide, Windsor Gardens is potentially your next address! When a property comes on the market, there are few things that need to be taken into consideration—its location, its price and its condition. Now, the first two are pretty easy to understand, but that last one is where it can get a little bit tricky.

In the instance of buying a home in Windsor Gardens, or anywhere for that matter, it is critical that you have an understanding of any defects that a property might have. However, they are not always clear to the naked eye, or anyone without experience in construction.

Detail Building Inspections prides itself on its extensive industry understanding and its high-quality practice in line with Australian codes and standards. Our eye for detail is in our name, but it translates to a thorough inspection report that best prepares you for the sale process. Identifying repairs can be the difference in a lower sales price or saving you thousands in repairs down the track.

No Cooling Off

If the property is going to auction, be wary that after you bid successfully—and as soon as you hear the noise of the hammer—it means that you are locked in. It is an unconditional sale. But what if sometime down the track you discover it has had a termite infestation? Well, bad luck, unfortunately. There’s no turning back. A pre-auction building and pest inspection will mean that you are totally informed about a property’s condition before making a bid. We contact the vendor to arrange the inspection and send you our findings.

Why Windsor Gardens?

The suburb of Windsor Gardens is located just twenty minutes from the Adelaide CBD, with North East Road providing clear access to the city-centre. The direct route means that it is perfect for any professional or students needing to commute for work or study. From a real estate perspective, Windsor Gardens is relatively untapped, meaning it is perfect for those looking to enter the market.


How About Some Scenery?

Residents of Windsor Gardens would quite often pinch themselves knowing that they have such an incredible leisurely option throughout their area. The Linear Park trail is a manmade path that weaves its way from the North East of Adelaide, through the CBD and out to Henley Beach. It follows the banks of the River Torrens, giving whoever walks, runs or rides a beautiful surrounding from start to finish.

You’ll be surprised how inclined you will suddenly become to utilise those lazy Sundays with an invigorating adventure. It is perfect for both fitness gurus and families, as there are many parks and playgrounds along the way.

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If you require a Windsor Gardens building inspection, we are here to provide you with the highest quality service. Contact Detail Building inspections on 0412 202 336 for a quote, or book online today.