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Adelaide is so wonderful in how much variety it has to offer from a buyer’s perspective. Whether it’s living up in the hills, in the CBD, inner city, or by the coast, this fantastic city has something for everyone.  However, there is always a degree of trepidation that comes with the buying process and a lot of this has to do with the finance side of things. There’s no shame in this—it’s a crazy experience that can be wildly stressful at times.

Trying to identify a bargain, or something that is within your means is always tricky. Understandably, it’s important to be able to protect your West Beach investment. Detail Building Inspections offer you an extensive pre-purchase report on the state of a property, which best prepares you for understanding its value.

The Misleading Sell

When someone is selling their property, it’s only natural to want the best price. When a property is being prepared for the market, the owner or occupier will often carry out assorted repairs on the interior or exterior to ensure it looks spick and span. Although it might be aesthetically pleasing, it can be really misleading to the buyer. Fresh grout in the bathroom? Could be the sign of a leak. Patched up and painted walls? Could be covering up cracks that are the result of structural movement. A pre-purchase building inspection will point out the defects that might not be obvious to the naked eye. This will hold you in good stead for understanding what else might be at play.

Why West Beach?

Perhaps the most significant advantage of the area is the fact that you can so easily enjoy coastal life but still be situated in a reasonable vicinity to the CBD. The fact that it is almost perfectly west of the city centre means the car ride is direct. Just jump on Sir Donald Bradman Drive and you are there in twenty minutes. Additionally, the beach itself is utterly beautiful. Even if you’re not a fan of going for a dip in summer, you will undoubtedly fall in love with the sunsets over the horizon. West Beach won’t disappoint.


Fashion and Convenience

If you need to buy something for the house or even just find that snazzy new outfit, Harbour Town Outlet Shopping Centre will usually have the residents of West Beach covered. Whether it’s for homewares, shoes, clothing, gaming, sportswear, or even a bite to eat, a trip to this shopping colossus will leave you in good stead.

Enjoyable for the Family

West Beach is home to Adelaide Shores Skate Park, which has the biggest vert ramp in Australia and plenty of other smaller scale ramps and equipment. If you or the kids are after some excitement on the weekend, a great option could be to grab the skateboard, BMX or scooter and go for a roll. Who knows—you might even rediscover the inspiration behind your skateboard phase back when you were a teenager.

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