Seaton Building Inspections

The Western suburbs of Adelaide are growing in popularity. More and more people are beginning to realise that an affordable home in proximity to the beach and the city creates an excellent investment opportunity. This is evident by the median sales price of 2012 ($390K) increasing to today’s price of $490K. However, like any major investment, it is critical to minimise any nasty surprises that might cause a hit to your back pocket. Pre-purchase building inspections are a great place to start.

Newly Renovated

As an emerging suburb, many of Seaton’s homes are recently renovated. As a result, these houses can often possess an eclectic mix of old and new. Detail building inspections will identify defects that might be more common in the more traditional styles of build and explain issues that may arise from the combination of a more contemporary approach.

The potential problem could be something as simple as old plumbing being prone to leaking and how the moisture might react to the new materials. While there are a plethora of potential circumstances, Detail Building Inspections will identify anything that could lead to more serious defects.

Why Seaton?

Seaton is a family friendly suburb that appreciates the role of community. Its proximity to the Findon community centre means that residents can enjoy events throughout the year, ranging from Yoga, dance classes, and an annual spring fair filled with stalls, food and fun.

A Hit of Golf

Seaton is home to one of Adelaide’s nicest golf courses and is only a short trip to another one in Grange. Imagine that! Play a front nine in the morning, and change it up with the back nine down the road. For anyone who enjoys the leisure of golf, Seaton provides an incredible opportunity to make your weekends an enjoyable one. If you’re retired, half your luck! You can enjoy having a hit all year round.  

Footy, Footy, Footy

Once upon a time, life in Seaton meant being a stone’s throw from Adelaide’s home of footy. While the football shifting to town is a welcome one, it means people of Seaton might feel a little hard done by. However, the suburb is home to an amateur footy club that encapsulates the sense of Australian community. Additionally, regular training sessions for Adelaide’s professional club are still held at ‘footy park’.

Shop Til You Drop

Seaton is bordered by West Lakes, a suburb that is a touch closer to the coast. This area is home to a major shopping centre with over 250 tenants, meaning the people of Seaton have the convenience to pick up a bargain whenever they please.

Go For A Row

The suburb’s proximity to the shores means Seaton residents can enjoy one of the many rowing clubs in their spare time. Why not build up fitness while being enamoured by the stunning surrounding environment?