Rostrevor Building Inspections

Stamp duty, taxes, insurance, and building inspections. In addition to the extraordinary amount it costs to buy a home, there are also plenty of other expenses that need to be considered. It is a challenging time for most people—especially when it comes to managing the finances. This is why it’s so important to ensure the property is worth the outlay that you are considering. A way to do this is through a building inspection. For those buying in Rostrevor, Detail Building Inspections can provide you with an extensive understanding of the home’s condition.

The same-day building inspection report will explain the minor and major defects both inside and outside of the home. By understanding what repair work is needed, you will be able to negotiate a better price or avoid the sale altogether if you feel it’s not worth the time or money. Additionally, the report will categorise defects that might become more serious problems in the future. Addressing them now could save you thousands down the track.

Moisture & Pests

The natural tree cover of Rostrevor is a big reason why people want to buy here; it’s a really lovely area. But with the tree cover comes other potential issues inside the home. When moisture gathers—whether from rain, condensation, or even a leak—it can often stay pooled or stay damp due to the lack of natural light. In these instances, the timber becomes an utter delight for wood boring beetles and termites. After all, this is what they eat! Infestations can cause thousands in damage if they aren’t treated. By Detail Building Inspections conducting a building and pest inspection, we will be able to identify the presence of pests or conditions that might attract them.

Why Rostrevor?

Situated in an eastern pocket of Adelaide, Rostrevor enjoys its natural surroundings by being a link between the hills and the city. The lush greenery gives off an aura of tranquillity, where the air is clear and the views are stunning. Historically, the blocks have been quite large, meaning the builds are perfect for new or established families. The drive to the CBD is only 25 minutes for those that work in the city, meaning the people of Rostrevor can enjoy an incredible balance of hillside serenity and fast-paced living when it suits.

Keep Fit!

The suburb of Rostrevor sits on an incline at the base of Morialta Conservation Park, which is perfect for those looking to exert a bit of energy. The park is home to plenty of trails and lookouts, providing its visitors with exquisite surroundings while enjoying a healthy lifestyle. Whether running or walking, flora and fauna on offer will take your breath away. It’s not uncommon to spot Koalas in the trees as you clock up the kilometres!

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