Henley Beach Building Inspections

So, you’re shopping around for a house? Congratulations! This is an exciting time for you. More than likely you’ve been trawling through the real estate websites and attending a few open inspections here and there. Perhaps you’ve had a couple that got away, but you’ve decided that this one in Henley Beach is perfect for you; it’s within your price range and you can see it being a worthwhile investment.

Indeed, you are probably not alone; Henley Beach is one of the most sought-after areas of Adelaide, which translates to plenty of competition when it comes to negotiating a price or going to auction. Before you get caught up in a bidding war, you need to be absolutely sure that you are getting what you paid for. This is where Detail Building Inspections can help. Our services provide you with a thorough understanding of a property’s condition, leaving you well prepared when it comes to negotiating a suitable price.

Where You’d Least Expect

Our extensive building experience ensures that we know where to look for building defects—it is certainly not as simple as noting down whatever is visible to the naked eye. An example could be checking the soil in the subfloor area. For instance, the presence of water pooling could be an indication of damage or non-compliance to the drains. As a result, the water entering the subfloor could cause decay in the timber, or more extremely, movement in the foundation. A pre-purchase building inspection will provide you with a report detailing issues such as this.

Why Henley Beach?

Two minutes from the ocean, or twenty minutes from the CBD. Residing in Henley Beach provides its residents with convenience, beauty and an enjoyable way of life. If you are a ‘beach person’, you will not have a worry in the world as you enjoy the picturesque coastline and clean sand. All you need to do is take a deep breath of the ocean air on a warm summer’s night and you’ll remember why you love the place so much.


Henley Square

The hub of the local beachside area, Henley Square is utterly incredible for having a quiet drink (loud ones if you feel like it), or dining alfresco as the sun disappears over the horizon. Pro tip: grab a feed of fish and chips and wander down to the grass area to watch the sky turn a pinky-orange. It’s a cheap thrill that will undoubtedly make you feel justified in choosing to call Henley Beach home.

An Active Lifestyle

Henley Beach is the starting point of the Linear Trail—a manmade track that follows the Torrens River for over 30km up to Athelstone. Whether for a run, walk or cycle, it is an absolute gem for an adventure, plus you can turn back whenever you wish! There are plenty of places to stop off along the way to feed the ducks, and there’s even a property close by that houses a number of horses. A truly delightful trail: you will be able to keep fit and enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

Contact Us

If Henley Beach is where you wish to buy, Detail Building Inspections are here to help. Call us for a quote on 0412 202 336, or book online today. Find the clarity that will give you the confidence moving forward with the purchase.