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What happens in a building inspection?

October 11, 2017
By Adam
Posted in Pre-Purchase Property Inspections
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What happens in a building inspection?

What happens in a building inspection?

So you’re looking to buy or sell a house. Due to the considerable financial outlay, it is not uncommon for your first thought to be along the lines of, “How do I get the best value for money?’ This is such an exciting but stressful time in your life, so due diligence will help smooth out those worries.

A building inspection report provides you with descriptions and photos of the minor and major defects in the house, as well as how susceptible it might be to damage or pests in the future. The report means you will be better equipped in negotiating a fair price, which can only be a good thing for your bank balance in the long run.

If you are buying, a pre-purchase property inspection report will help you avoid any hidden costs down the road. How shocking would it be to buy your dream home for what you think is the right price, only to realise it’s had ongoing water damage that requires thousands of dollars in structural repair? That’s something we don’t want anyone to experience, which is why Detail Building Inspections are here to help.

We understand that, in a time of life where finances are paramount, you want to be well educated about where your money is going. We want to provide you with the assurance of our service and explain what happens in the building inspection process. This will mean that you are in the best position to make a decision moving forward.

Finding a quote

By giving us a call, we can provide you with a quote based on the property size and the type of building inspection you need. A standard pre-purchase inspection will look at the structural integrity of the property, as well as the major and minor defects throughout. However, a building and pest inspection will also provide you with a thorough search for pests, while also examining the conditions that may be conducive to an infestation. Some houses take longer than others, so, on the call, we will ask you a few questions about the property’s current state and size to establish how long we’ll need and how much it will cost. A typical inspection takes between 1.5 to 2 hours.

Pre-engagement Agreement & Booking The Inspection

As part of the process, a requirement in moving forward is to agree to the terms and conditions of the inspection. While we aim to be as thorough as possible, there are limitations in what we can do from a safety and insurance perspective. Sometimes this can be due to the deliberate concealment of defects, weather conditions, or other issues preventing access. For a more precise understanding, please see our terms and conditions.

To take the hassle out of the process, we will direct you to our online booking page, which then ensures the pre-engagement agreement is taken care of. Due to being an inspection of the structure, materials and landscape of a home, we will need internal access. After booking online, we will ring the agent and arrange a time to attend and for access to be provided. We encourage you to be present—at least towards the end—so we can provide clarity regarding any defects that we have identified. The information will be in the report, but we would be more than happy to provide face-to-face information when necessary.

On Arrival

When we arrive at a property, the first thing we do is conduct an overall assessment of the current state of the building’s landscape and any surrounding conditions. From our widespread building experience, we have an extensive understanding of how the state of the property’s exterior will affect a building on the inside. Whether it is the natural landscape that affects drainage, or dilapidation of the building materials, we have a keen eye for the many clues that could indicate a greater problem inside the home.

Pest Control History

One of the initial things we do is check the power box for what is known as a Durable Notice. The Building Code of Australia requires this to be completed and installed on a property after the treatment of termites. This, in addition to existing damage or conducive conditions, will provide us with an understanding of the presence of termites or how likely it might be for these pesky critters to return.


Inside the Property

The inspection is conducted in line with Australian standards to ensure all accessible areas are examined. Your building inspector will climb or crawl into every safely accessible space in the home, which is classified as a minimum 600mm x 600mm.

Throughout the building inspection, we assess numerous aspects of a property and its defects, such as:

  •      General dilapidation
  •      Breakdown of joins
  •      Cracks
  •      Waterproofing
  •      Moisture build-up
  •      Rising damp
  •      Roof integrity
  •      Ventilation

And much more.

Our building experience prepares us to provide you with information not otherwise clear to the naked eye. For instance, moisture build up in the wall cavity around the bathroom would, nine times out of ten, indicate a leak from the shower. However, an understanding of how moisture interacts with raw materials, in addition to a familiarity with the surroundings, could signify an issue with the air-conditioner unit instead. This is just one of the main problems that could lead to greater costs if not identified.

The report

The building inspection report will detail all the current defects, whether they are superficial, major, or require consistent monitoring. Additionally, we will direct you to the type of tradesman you will need to undertake repairs or restoration. Numerous photographs will accompany the information, meaning you can best understand the defect and provide the tradesman with evidence when seeking a quote.

As part of our commitment to a prompt and thorough service, our building inspection reports will be emailed to you on the same day.



Defects found upon inspection that need addressing immediately
Safety hazards that require urgent attention
Major defects that require professional help due to extensive damage
Superficial defects that are classed as normal maintenance
Anything we feel is need for concern
Most Common Defects :
Dampness Issues
Termite Infestation
Fire Hazards
Poor External Surface Drainage
Damaged Roof Sheets Or Tiles
Safety Switches
Leaking Showers & Baths
Smoke Detectors
Major & Minor Wall Cracks
Subsiding Foundations
Defective Gutters
Decayed Boundary Fences
Tree Root Damage
Safety & Electrical Hazards
Bouncy & Uneven Floors
Leaking Hot Water Units
Non Compliant Downlight’s
Active Water Leaks
Salt Damp
Brick & Mortar Deterioration
Subfloor Ventilation
Damp Proof Course

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