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Modbury Building Inspections

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Modbury Building Inspections

What are the influencing factors of purchasing a home? Is it just price and location? Or is the home’s condition also of vital importance? If you agree that the latter is worth more consideration that normally given, you are an astute buyer. There are plenty of issues that can arise from not gaining an understanding a property’s condition.

This is especially important when taking into considering the unregulated state of the industry. Consumer protection law will only cover purchases below $40,000, which means that when you buy a house, the defects also become your property. Repair costs can be extravagant, and can especially hurt if they are unexpected; a pre-purchase building inspection can be crucial in helping you avoid these.

Beware the Quick Fix

A classic approach to selling a home is where the owner gives it a bit of a ‘touch-up’. This might include a fresh coat of paint, filling in the cracks, or even fixing that hole in the roof. Sure, this might make the property look attractive to the eye, but for building inspectors it raises plenty of questions. For instance, that paint could be covering salt damp—meaning there are defects in the build causing moisture to rise. The cracks could be a sign of a moving foundation, and that hole in the roof could have caused plenty of moisture damage over time.

Detail Building Inspections are meticulous in our approach to surveying Modbury homes, which means that you will be well informed to negotiate a better price, or seek advice on specific defects.

Why Modbury?

The population of Modbury can enjoy a direct route to the Adelaide CBD, being only 25 minutes travel time along North East Road. The ease of access makes the suburb an excellent option for students and professionals that might be looking to make the trip each day.

For those looking to enter the market, Modbury could be seen as the perfect option. In comparison to many areas with similar proximity to the city centre, Modbury’s pricing is quite modest. Given today’s challenges of affordability, the suburb is worth exploring for a great buy.

A Shopper’s Paradise

Residents of Modbury are lucky enough to have one of Adelaide’s largest shopping precincts at their disposal. Westfield Tea Tree Plaza is at the heart of the suburb, providing an injection of convenience into the area. From fashion, to electrical, and everything in between. Just be wary of the parking at Christmas time—it can get a little bit crazy.

Get in Touch!

If you need a Modbury building inspection, Detail Building Inspections are here to help by providing you with a thorough service. Detail Building Inspections want to make the sales process as smooth as possible for you. As a buyer, you have every right to be well informed. Call us on 0412 202 336 to ask for a quote, or book online via our website.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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