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Protect your Investment  - Largs Bay Building Inspections

Practically everyone living in Australia would have had moments of appreciation towards our beautiful coastline. It’s not surprising either; we truly are the lucky country. You don’t necessarily need to be a ‘beach person’ to enjoy the feelings invoked by the sun’s rays glistening across the waterline, or staring into the horizon as the sky changes colour at dusk.

As someone serious about buying a property in Largs Bay, we imagine that you have a genuine understanding of what makes this place so incredible. However, with every investment, you must be astute with what risks are involved. When buying a home, it is imperative that you become familiar with its condition. If, after the sale, you were to discover that the home has numerous faults, it will mean that you will need to pay to have them fixed. By conducting a pre-purchase building inspection, we will identify the minor and major defects throughout the property, which means you can gain a better understanding of what the repairs might cost.

Salt Damp

Some homes, especially those before 1980, were not built with what is called a damp proof course. This is a type of protection is found beneath the construction and acts as a way to block moisture and minerals in the soil from finding its way into the walls. When this happens, it causes salt damp, which damages the interior of the home and leaves walls cracked and looking unsightly. Detail Building Inspections are licensed in construction and building supervision, which, along with our extensive inspection history, means we are well equipped to identify issues such as this in your Largs Bay home.

Why Largs Bay?

Other than the beautiful surroundings that Largs Bay provides, it also offers its residents with a vibrant mix of suburbia with options to keep the social life abuzz. If you are looking for a nice spot to grab a bite to eat, nearby Semaphore Road has you covered. Alternatively, the hub of historic Port Adelaide is only a stone’s throw away. Admire the stunning old buildings or brush up on the extensive maritime history that the shores have accumulated over time.

Stretch the Legs

Largs Bay offers its residents perhaps the most picturesque walking trail in Adelaide. Start at the foreshore and head south towards your destination of Semaphore, sitting a not-too-strenuous 2.6km away. On the way, you can enjoy the boardwalks and paths, or you might like to take the shoes off and feel the sand under your feet. For the best experience, it’s recommended that you take advantage of the coastline facing west and see what incredible colours the sunset can produce.

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If you have reached the stage where you are thinking of putting in an offer, it’s important to have the house properly checked. Detail Building Inspections will provide an in-depth report of the Largs bay home’s condition, which means you can breathe a sigh of relief knowing exactly what you are paying for. Book online or call 0412 202 336 to request a quote.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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