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Golden Grove Building Inspections

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Golden Grove Building Inspections

Buying a property is a challenging experience, but if it is done well, it can be an incredibly rewarding time of someone’s life. For most people, it is their most significant investment, so it is critical that it is approached with diligence. Prospective buyers of Golden Grove are faced with the same challenges as everyone, which is to establish if you are getting value for what you are paying for. While the market gives some indication of how much a property is worth, it is vital to also take into consideration the condition of the home. This is where it can get a little bit confusing.

A property can look amazing from its exterior, but without having a building inspection completed, it is impossible to gain an informed understanding of its current state. A pre-purchase inspection will provide you with a detailed list of the property’s defects, allowing you to seek professional advice on how they will affect the home in future and what the repairs might be. Understanding exactly what’s wrong could also help you negotiate a better price at the time of sale.

Lack of Recourse

Australian Consumer Protection Law only covers purchases up to $40,000, which means that even if the house is full of defects, there is not a lot you can do once it’s all said and done. The reality is that some people have gone through the process without conducting their due diligence, only to find that the home has been susceptible to defects such as termites or structural damage. Unfortunately, it is the buyer that is responsible for these repairs. The services of Detail Building Inspections can help you avoid this.

Why Golden Grove?

The suburb of Golden Grove is a dream locality for families. It is a beautifully clean area that has been embraced by a sense of community from its residents. It has established itself as its own little town within suburbia, full of luscious trees and modern homes. The people of Golden Grove share a connection that they are living in one of Adelaide’s best-kept secrets. It is safe, and it is self-contained from a shopping and amenities perspective. What will strike you about the suburb is how much pride its residents take in their homes. The vast majority of gardens are kept watered, and the street is kept tidy. It is a beautiful place to live.

A Bit of Vino?

While the thirty-five-minute drive to Adelaide’s CBD might seem a bit of a hassle, the residents of Golden Grove probably don’t feel the same way about driving ten minutes more to get to the Barossa Valley. Home of some of the world’s most awarded wines, the journey is bound to be worth your while.

So What’s Next?

If a Golden Grove building inspection is what you need, there is no one better equipped than Detail Building Inspections. Our extensive construction experience allows for a highly professional approach. Contact us on 0412 202 336 to ask for a quote, or book online today.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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