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Glenelg North Building Inspections

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Glenelg North Building Inspections

What a fantastic opportunity that lays ahead of you! There are so many considerations that prospective buyers have when looking for a home, and proximity to the coastline is certainly one of them. In Adelaide, we have some incredible beaches, but Glenelg North is probably the best example of urbanisation in such close proximity to the water. The market demand of Glenelg North is through the roof, given the lifestyle it provides for its residents.

However, location is only one of the factors to ponder when buying. It is easy enough to know that you’re in a great spot, but establishing whether or not the home is worth your time and money is another story altogether.

When a home goes on the market, potential buyers have the opportunity to have a building inspection completed to better understand its condition. From here, they can seek professional guidance on how a defect might change over the course of time, or gain an understanding of repair costs. In this instance, knowledge is most definitely power, and it prepares you well for the sales process.

Beware The Auction Hammer

Auctions are incredibly exciting! They are tense and fast-paced, and it is easy to get caught up in it all. Hopefully, though, you will go there with a set limit in mind and a cool head.

Why? Because after that hammer falls, the sale is unconditional.

This is at the crux of having a pre-auction building inspection. By knowing the property’s condition and what repairs might be required, you are unlikely to experience any nasty surprises from something to which you are locked in.

Why Glenelg North?

Well, there is something a little bit special and oh-so-Australian about saying that ‘you live down the bay’, isn’t there?

The shops on Jetty Road and the restaurants at Holdfast Marina provide Glenelg North locals with convenience and style, but it is the vantage points that give regular evening thrills of incredible sunsets. Who can resist spending a night looking over the horizon as the sun slowly changes from blue to orange to red? It is utterly breathtaking.

The Perfect Balance

Glenelg North has the benefit of its homes being well enough removed from the ‘hustle and bustle’ to be a suitable place for families, but it is close enough to the action for fun nights out along the main strip. Sundays are especially popular with the local crowd.

From a working or studying perspective, Glenelg North is an excellent option—it is only a twenty-five-minute drive to Adelaide’s CBD. However, you might like to get the blood flowing with a fifteen-minute stroll to the tram stop, where you can find yourself in town after only another half an hour. Save on fuel and parking!

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If you need a Glenelg North building inspection, look no further than Detail Building Inspections. Our service to the area translates to a familiarity with the builds and a meticulous approach to surveying. Call us on 0412 202 336 or book a quote today.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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