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Christies Beach Building Inspections

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Christies Beach Building Inspections

The coastline of South Australia provides a fantastic opportunity for those that love the water. It seems to be an inherent quality of Australians to be fascinated with the waterfront—perhaps due to the fact our country is one big island. However, beachside living comes with a number of considerations due to its proximity to a diverse range of elements. An unfortunate result of this is coastal erosion.

Erosion around coastal properties takes place when wind and water wear away at the natural landscape. This can have adverse effects on a home’s structure or exterior, especially if it experiences ongoing exposure. The open expanse of Christies Beach, especially near the Esplanade, means homes here face issues that cannot be avoided. However, through building inspections, the effects of erosion can be minimised.

Wind-Driven Rain

Due to facing the sea, Christies Beach homes are prone to a bizarre facet of weather. Not only do homes here experience incredible wind and rain, they also cop seawater that has been lifted and carried by the stormy weather. Seawater is denser than ordinary water, meaning it has a harsher effect when it hits a home. But perhaps the worst thing to come about from this is the fact that this type of moisture is carrying salt! In the most extreme cases, this can strip the paint off your home’s exterior. Detail building inspections will identify salt damage and other forms of erosion so you can establish the best approach to repair the home.

Why Christies Beach?

The suburb of Christies Beach is a relatively untapped buying opportunity. Historically, coastal suburbs eventually become sought after and, with a median housing price of $350,000, Christies Beach could provide you with a perfect chance to enter the market.

A Lovely Tourist Park

The coast of Christies Beach is home to a tourist park, where visitors can camp at powered sites or stay in cabins. The cabins offer amenities such as showers, microwaves, stoves, aircon, and TV, making it a perfect spot to visit in the summer months.

Port Noarlunga Reef

This is a protected marine environment a short trip from Christies Beach. The reef is abundant with sea life and provides an incredible opportunity for divers to explore the underwater wonders on offer.

Moana Beach

Christies Beach provides its residents with a sensational opportunity to explore the coastline of Adelaide. In doing so, it would be remiss of anyone not to visit Moana Beach. Equipped with low-lying cliffs, a caravan park, an RSL, and a kiosk, Moana is a great spot for a day trip or a stay overnight. When visiting the beach, one of the best facets of Moana is the ability to drive your car onto the sand. No more lugging around your towels and gear—just bring it all with you in your car and easily pack up when you want to head off.

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Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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