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Building Inspections Parafield Gardens

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Building Inspections Parafield Gardens

The layout of Adelaide is quite diverse; hills to the east, beaches to the west, and plains to the north.  ‘Adelaideans’ reap the benefit of Colonel Light’s vision on a daily basis due to the ease of navigating around this lovely city.

Parafield Gardens sits on the outer reaches of suburban Adelaide and, due to its geographical surroundings, houses here have little protection from the elements. In the summertime, homes feel the brunt of the harsh South Australian climate because of the open space. In winter, the effects are reversed—the lack of natural cover allows chilly winter’s winds roll through. As a result, the importance of effective insulation in Parafield Gardens is paramount all year round.


This process is utilised in our building inspections in Parafield Gardens to identify any changes in humidity and temperature throughout a household. Using infrared technology, we can distinguish whether or not there is any warm or cool air escaping and therefore establish any defects surrounding a home’s insulation. Knowing this will allow you to fix the problem and live a more comfortable life when Parafield Gardens climate decides to hit you for six.

Detail Building Inspections is one of only two qualified practisers of Thermography in South Australia, which means we can provide you with detailed information from our analysis.

Why Parafield Gardens?

Rising real estate prices make it difficult for anyone to find a place to call home. Parafield Gardens has the advantage of being an affordable option for anyone looking to enter the market, those looking for investment properties, or anyone wishing to find a reasonably priced rental.

The median housing price in Parafield Gardens is $325,000 (as at September 2017). For those with a larger family, a four-bedroom property can be purchased for an average of $412,000 which means that Parafield Gardens is a great option for anyone living within their means.

Hot to Trot

Parafield Gardens is located a stone’s throw from Adelaide’s premier harness racing venue. The history of this track dates back to 1969 when the first meeting was held. Equipped with a restaurant, bistro, bookmakers and TAB facilities, the track provides an excellent outing at the trots. Race meets usually take place on Saturdays and Mondays.

Warplane Flights

Are you a thrill seeker? Interested in aviation? Perhaps you’re just looking for a perfect Christmas or birthday present. Look no further than the service operating in Parafield Airport whose specialty is flights in classic military aircraft. Members of the public can book for an array of experiences, ranging from picturesque tours across the Adelaide coastline or adrenaline-filled flights where the pilot conducts aerobatic maneuvers such as loops and barrel rolls. You will be hard pressed to find a more exhilarating experience in Adelaide.

Family in Mind

Finding the right school is always important. Parafield Gardens offers a variety of education options for your young ones, with Karrendi Primary School, The Pines, Parafield Gardens R-7 School, and Holy Family Catholic School operating in the area. Parafield Gardens High School is an established secondary school, having opened in 1976.

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Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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