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Building Inspections in Dernancourt

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Dernancourt Building Inspections

Detail Building Inspections offer a high-quality service that will best prepare you for buying or selling a home in Dernancourt. Our history in construction means our qualified building inspectors will give you a comprehensive understanding of the minor and major defects throughout the property. The most important reason to do this is to protect your back pocket because after you buy a property, you take on board all the issues that come with it.

A leaky shower could seem like nothing to the naked eye, but our understanding of the conditions and the materials might be the difference in you uncovering a much greater problem that could be costly to repair down the track. By undertaking a pre-purchase property inspection, you might be able to negotiate a lower price by pointing out the defects. Similarly, you might decide to avoid the sale altogether if you think the problems are too great.

Salt Damp

The leafiness of Dernancourt is reflective of the moisture prevalent in the soil. Thirsty gum trees are the beneficiaries of the plentiful water of the natural landscape that slopes towards the Torrens River. However, while moisture is great for the environment, it’s not always great for a house.

If a home doesn’t have a damp-proof course (a type of barrier in its brickwork), then the moisture from the soil could move inside and cause Salt Damp. Detail Building Inspections are best prepared to assess your home’s susceptibility to these defects and advise you on how to rectify the problem.

Why Dernancourt?

Dernancourt is the type of suburb that people don’t venture too far in unless they live there or are visiting. This is due to the multiple dead ends and the Torrens River that creates a natural border. The result is a quiet, tranquil area that does not experience much traffic other than on Lower North East Road, which provides its residents with a fast and direct route to the Adelaide city centre.

Linear Park Trail

Most of us have the urge to live a more active lifestyle, but sometimes the motivation isn’t there, or it’s just not convenient to do so. However, the residents of Dernancourt are afforded an incredible opportunity to exercise in a lovely environment. The Linear Park Trail follows the riverbank of the Torrens for 30km, with the bitumen path providing a smooth surface to run, walk or cycle.

The scenery itself is utterly picturesque, with an occasional bridge being a reminder of urban meeting nature. Enjoy the shade of the River Red Gums or stop off for a picnic at the various parks along the way. If you have the kids with you, why not feed the ducks or visit one of the playgrounds? For those that have plenty of kilometres in their legs, you might like to make the whole journey West and cool down with a dip at Henley Beach.

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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