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Building Inspection Victor Harbour

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Building Inspection Victor Harbour

There’s nothing quite like the coastal regions of South Australia, and Victor Harbour is no exception. Located less than an hour’s drive south of Adelaide, the town of Victor Harbour is filled with beautiful early colonial architecture overlooking to stunning encounter bay coastline it’s easy to see why buying a home in Victor is becoming a popular choice for so many.

However, many coastal properties are prone to erosion. This takes place when the wind and water wear away the natural landscape. In turn, this has unfavourable effects on a home’s exterior or even the structure’s integrity. Due to the coastline that encompasses the surrounds of Victor Harbour means that homes here face erosion issues that cannot be avoided. However, choosing to get a building inspection on your Victor Harbour home can help assist you to minimise the effects.

Home Erosion

Due to the proximity to the ocean, homes situated in and around the Victor Harbour precinct are regularly exposed to extreme weather conditions, especially throughout autumn and winter.

Seawater is stronger than freshwater, meaning when it comes into contact with a structure it can have a heavier effect. The most damaging aspect of this water is the salt carried within it. Salt has the ability to strip your homes exterior paint, which can ultimately cause salt damage. Building inspectors will identify any forms of erosion your home may be suffering from or prone to allowing you to establish the best repair approach.

Why Choose Victor Harbour?

This quaint historical town allows you to explore the natural surrounds of sandy beaches, coastal bikeways, clifftop rails and beautiful environmental parks. With an abundance of outdoor activities such as swimming, jet skis and canoeing options on offer you and your family will have no shortage of entertainment.

Perhaps you’d enjoy land-based Whale Watching from specific vantage points and boat tours. Allowing you to experience the locations beautiful marine wildlife.

Why not enjoy the true delicacies of a seaside town and treat yourself to some award-winning fish and chips on the grass?

Granite Island 

Up for some Saturday morning exercise? Why not take a stroll over to granite island to get your steps up?

Granite Island is home to a small colony of rare, wild Little Penguins. So if you're after more of an educational activity why not go on a guided penguin tour? Twilight tours run daily and are a great way to experience the coastal wildlife, and you’ll get to view the penguin's return from the ocean to island at sunset.

If you’re after a quality pre-purchase building inspection completed by the best, give the team at Detail Building Inspections a call today! We service Victor Harbour and all of Adelaide, to provide you with the results you deserve!

detail building inspections

Whether you’re a property buyer looking for a pre-purchase building inspection, a seller looking to cover all the bases, someone with a building project or an owner builder, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide is your local building inspection company.

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