Pest Inspection Adelaide

We know how irritating and demoralising a long-term pest problem can be, not to mention expensive. Although our specialty is in inspections and compliance, we have expanded our range of offerings to also include building and pest inspections by teaming up with Adelaide Pest Control, an old and respected local business. They have a reputation for excellence and hold themselves to the same professional standards that we do, so we feel completely confident working with them as partners for pest inspections. Combining a pest inspection with a pre-purchase inspection is sure to find anything at all that is wrong with a house before you buy it. All of our pest inspections come with a complete and detailed report. This report will not only contain information about what, if any, pests exist in the house, but also a set of recommendations for removing them. Of course, the full report is backed by professional indemnity insurance, so you can feel at ease with the results.

Pest Inspection Adelaide areas inspected for pest activity or anywhere that maybe condusive to pest activity include:

  • Sub floor area

  • Structural timber elements

  • Roof structure

  • Doors

  • Door frames

  • Skirtings

  • Out Buildings

  • Fences

  • External building elements

Pests can be a household’s worst nightmare. They are hard to spot and even harder to remove, especially once they have a strong foothold in the house. In the best-case scenario, they will be an annoyance to your family for an extended time. In the worst case, they can make a house unlivable. Knowing what you are dealing with and how to remove it is essential. You simply cannot afford to buy a new house without conducting a pre purchase pest inspection and learning about the contents of the house. No matter how clean the previous owner was, bugs continually try to get into a house. Some of them stay out of sight for a while before they strike.
This all adds up to say that pests can get in no matter how clean and sealed the house is and once they are in, they can make life very difficult. Do yourself a favour and get a pest inspection from Detail Building Inspections. Even if the inspection does not find any pests, you will be glad to know it.
And if it does, then you will be even happier. When it comes to pests, knowledge is power. Pests multiply so easily that days can make a big difference in how easy an infestation is to control. You never know what could be lurking in a house, especially considering how well some pests hide. You really need to have regular inspections in addition to exterminator appointments. Not only can bugs get into the food and multiply in the kitchen, they can also harm the structure of the building. Termites and their cousins can cause a lot of damage before you even know they are there, and it is difficult and costly to repair termite holes. Termite inspection is an important part of our comprehensive service.
Don’t risk it. Whenever you are getting serious a new house, get a detailed building and pest report from us to make sure you’re well informed. You would much rather know what you are dealing with in advance, and time matters for pests much more than for other kinds of problems that can arise during an inspection. Just like other inspections, pest inspections allow you to pay a reasonable cost to learn more about the house. Our inspections are professionally conducted and provide as much detail as possible about the results. You can feel safe after one of our inspections that we have seen all there is to see in your house.