04 Jul 2018
Building Inspection

Professional Building Inspections In One Tree Hill

The suburb of One Tree Hill, located on the outskirts of Adelaide provides residents with a quaint country town feel. With rolling hills, a range of rural properties and numerous farm life scattered amongst the paddocks, One Tree Hill provides residents and visitors with a peaceful country way of life.

However, with such rural tranquillity, homes in the area can be more prone to some unwanted visitors – termites. At Detail Building Inspections, we offer much more than just regular building inspection services. Our expert building inspection team are fully qualified in completing professional pest inspections. We offer this service individually or in addition to your regular building inspection service.

If you’re looking to purchase a property in One Tree Hill and want to be sure that you are making an investment that isn’t going to cost you thousands in repairs straight away, investing in a Detail Building Inspections pest inspection service can help! Here’s how:

Pest control

While the dense tree cover in One Tree Hill is what provides the suburb with its relaxing and peaceful charm, it can be precisely what makes the area more vulnerable to the infestation of termites.

At Detail Building Inspections, our team of building and pest inspectors will inspect the property for any signs of the presence of termites, any termite related damages and any areas of the property that could prove to be attractive to the nasty little critters in the future.

In our building inspection report, we will provide you with our detailed findings along with photographic evidence. Should you choose to move forward with the purchase despite any termite related damages, our team will provide you with a trusted list of professional trades that can aid in repairs.

Why One Tree Hill?

If you’re looking for a country way of life, without being too far out from the city centre; One Tree Hill is the place for you! Located 35 kilometres from Adelaide CBD and only a short drive away from the Northern shopping mecca that is Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, One Tree Hill provides residents with the perfect mix of a rural lifestyle as well as convenience.

Hidden In The Hills

One Tree Hills proves to be the perfect place for young families looking to lead a wholesome lifestyle. Enjoy the tranquillity of being hidden in the hills, while enabling your children to embrace the farm-like lifestyle.

With large properties, One Tree Hill gives you the ability to make your child’s dream of owning a horse, cow or sheep come true!

Looking for a Professional Building Inspection?

If you’re looking to purchase a property in One Tree Hill, ensure you are making a wise investment with a pest inspection in addition to your regular building inspection from Detail Building Inspections. With years of experience, we will provide you with the buying confidence and knowledge you deserve! Call or book online today!