Grange Building Inspections

The time has come for you to finally make the jump! You’ve found a property that you love and you can see a real future ahead. First of all, congratulations! It is a testing time for most people, but it is also really exciting. The prospect of owning a home in Grange is oh-so-close, but you need to allay a few concerns first of all. For you to be absolutely sure that this is the right move, it is worthwhile having the house checked for minor and major defects, which is where a pre-purchase building inspection comes into play.

After assessing the property, you will be provided with a report that specifies minor and major flaws of the home, ensuring you know what repairs you might be up for down the track.  Detail Building Inspections are both experienced and qualified to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the home’s defects and what the next step should be.

Not Just On The Surface

While the most obvious problems will be the ones that are visible, the thorough nature of a building inspection means we will uncover plenty that can’t be seen. As part of our service, we enter any area of the home that is accessible (provided it is safe). An example of an issue that could be hiding might be something as obscure as the ventilation in your subfloor. Inadequate airflow is a factor that often results in a build-up of moisture, which consequently can attract termites. Damp timber is all they need to survive, so ensuring you have measures in place to avoid this is imperative. It could save you plenty of repair costs down the track.

Why Grange?

The suburb of Grange reaps the benefits of being a fine balance between the coast and city. A trip down Grange Road will find you in the Adelaide CBD in only twenty minutes, but you could also venture down to the beach, with Grange and Henley being the obvious choices. The housing market is also quite reasonable here, given the pristine location.  The last ten years has seen an average growth of $160K, which gives plenty of consideration for those looking to enter the market.

On The Green

Given over 25% of Grange residents are older than 55, there is an indication that many would be retirees (or close to it). It could be no coincidence that the suburb is in immediate proximity to two of Adelaide’s finest golf courses: The Grange Golf Club and The Royal Adelaide Golf Club. For those with a spring in their step, a day walking the fairway is a great time killer.

Family Friendly  

If you are settling down with the family, Grange can provide you with some fine education facilities nearby. St. Michael’s College, Fulham Gardens Primary School and Henley High are all popular choices.

Contact Us

Grange could be the opportunity that you’ve been looking for! If you are serious about a property and wish to ease any concerns, book a pre-purchase building inspection online today. Alternatively, contact Detail Building Inspections on 0412 202 336 to arrange a quote.