19 Jun 2015
Pre-Purchase Building Inspection

Purchasing a new home or property in Adelaide can be a scary step in your life. There is always a risk buying a home that could have defects you can’t see, which could end up costing you a lot of money and heartache. Detail Building Inspections are here to help you make that important decision when you’re looking to buy property using quality building inspections in Adelaide.

We have well-trained and qualified inspectors who have a keen eye for spotting imperfections in buildings. We can turn around easy to understand building inspections reports within a day so you promptly know what damage and expenses you may be facing if you purchase the building or home.

Through our thorough work Detail Building Inspections will reveal any defects, in particular if you have any concerns as to the structural integrity of the building or home.

Receive Full Building Inspections in Adelaide

At Detail Building Inspections we find more than just a crack in your home. We take the time to also look at roof exteriors, under the floors, interior and exteriors of the house and other structures for example garages, sheds and carports. We will do all of this before your purchase, that way you can make the best decision based on our quality building inspection in and around the Adelaide area. After we finish our inspections, we will send you the building inspection report detailing any damage, or lack thereof. The reports are written clearly in a way you can easily understand, and we are very happy to sit with you and walk you through them.

This way, you can make a decision as soon as possible. A building inspection and building inspections report for Adelaide homes are necessary for some structures, and if you suspect any damage, call Detail Building Inspections today. An inspection can save you money and time in the future because we may be able to catch a problem in the beginning stage before it gets worse and becomes very costly or even possibly dangerous to your home. We outline all these issues in a building inspection report.


Contact Detail Building Inspections For a Free Quote

If you are considering ordering an inspection for a property, contact Adam at Detail Building Inspections for a no-obligation free quote for your home in Adelaide. Visit our website at detailbuildinginspections.com.au and view our services we offer for pre-purchase inspections, along with building and vendor inspections. Detail Building Inspections is a full-service inspection service that you can always count and rely on in Adelaide, we aim to provide a complete building inspections report for your use.

You can be positive that you want to purchase your new property with confidence, An inspection prior to purchase will give you the peace of mind you need when you are considering taking the step to buy a building or invest in property.

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