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Brompton Building Inspections

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Brompton Building Inspections

How great would it be to live just outside the city? Brompton is one of Adelaide’s oldest suburbs, having been established in 1849.

Situated in the inner North-East of Adelaide, Brompton is an enviable suburb to call home, not only for its historical factory but the sheer convenience of being a stone’s throw from the city. The homes of Brompton vary in age, but many of the cottages have been maintained to keep their original character.

Salt Damp

Homes in Brompton are often vulnerable to salt damp due to their age. Prior to 1980, it was commonplace for homes to be built without a damp proof course, which is a barrier to prevent moisture from passing through the structure and into the home’s interior.

The chlorides and nitrates present in the moisture can damage the skirting boards or plaster and lead to peeling paint and wallpaper. Our experience with older homes will ensure our Brompton building inspections identify your susceptibility to salt damp, even if it’s something you have not yet experienced. Additionally, we will provide recommendations on how to best manage the problem.

Why Brompton?

Considering its distance from the city centre, Brompton’s real estate provides a fantastic opportunity for first-time homeowners or investors. The median house price in Brompton is $525,000 (as at September 2017), meaning there are plenty of great opportunities for the astute buyer.

If you are renting, the average price for a 3-bedroom place is $420, providing an affordable spot for share houses or small families.

A Community Hub

Brompton’s proximity to a funky, retrofitted space, in neighbouring Bowden, creates a desirable lifestyle for anyone looking to call Brompton home. Go have a look at the huge gentrified space on Third Street, which was originally the old Clipsal building. The result? An eclectic mix of old and new, creating a buzz of live music, eateries, bars and various stalls in their operations on Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays.

What’s on offer generally depends on the day of the week so you are bound to find something you like. A favourite of most people around the area is Friday knock off drinks and a good feed to kick the weekend off. Immerse yourself in a huge range of cuisines or perhaps unwind with some of South Australia’s finest wines.

For the sheer convenience, there is also a supermarket operating seven days a week. If you are living in Brompton, this is an excellent option at the edge of your fingertips.

A Fine Watering Hole

The local pub in Brompton is a great spot to unwind, grab a feed or watch sport. Built in 1880, the hotel is one of the original buildings of the area; its history and character have resulted in it being heritage listed. A visit to this pub is on the cards for anyone who wants to really feel like a Brompton resident.

Education Options

Brompton has a couple of junior schools, being Brompton Primary and Immaculate Heart of Mary. For families looking for secondary education, Brompton’s location is the key. There are plenty of other options in surrounding suburbs or the nearby city centre.   

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