Staged Building Inspections Adelaide

Constructing a new home or renovating or extending an old one are exciting undertakings, but you really need to keep up with your inspections as you proceed with the project. Detail Building Inspections Adelaide can help you with our staged building inspections, which will provide guidance about mistakes in construction or any failures to comply with building laws as you go. It is much easier, cheaper, and faster to fix problems before the house is complete rather than after.

Footings and Slab:

The first stage inspection is the ‘footings and concrete slabs.’ These are foundational elements of construction, so we use great care as we inspect them. We measure the slab and compare those measurements to what the size of the slab should be. We inspect set downs for wet areas and brick work as well to ensure that those stages of construction can proceed without a hitch. In addition to inspection, we also provide advice. For example, we can help you avoid slab edge dampness as the building proceeds, which will save you a major hassle in the future. That’s because our experienced team knows exactly what to do to ensure your project goes as smoothly as possible.

Timber Frame:

The timber frame of the house is particular important because of the way it acts as a skeleton for the rest of the construction project. It’s crucial to get this right the first time, because otherwise you need to go back and start again from the frame. We are deeply familiar with all relevant Australian Standards and engineering specifications. That’s how we can be sure we offer the best timber frame inspection in SA. We will examine the entire frame as well as its connections to the slab and roof and verify that all is as it should be.

Roof Covering:

Having a roof covering in compliance with the regulations is not just a matter of bureaucracy. It’s also important for cutting down on leaks, holes, and other problems. Those regulations are not just for show. We will examine any kind of roof covering and check it against the right building codes. Our report will tell you if you need to do any more work on the roof covering or not. It does not matter if you have a tiled roof or an iron roof- we know how to evaluate it for compliance. Even if you never get a risk, the idea of getting hit with a fine for noncompliance and being forced to make repairs is never appealing, so if you are at all concerned get in touch with us for a staged construction inspection.

Brick work:

There is a lot of brick work in the typical house. We will check brick work for compliance, make sure walls are plumb, check to see whether brick ties are installed at all the correct locations, check articulations, and look for damp course installation and weep holes for drainage and ventilation.

Waterproofing of wet areas:

You might not be aware of it, but the waterproofing membrane in a house is subject to Australian Standards and Ministers specifications. We will examine your project to ensure that it meets these requirements. That way, you won’t need to worry about leaks in the finished building.

Practicle Completion:

For the final stage of construction, we examine the finishing jobs like painting, tiling, and so on to make sure that everything is still in compliance. We will also check with you and the construction crew to ensure that not only is everything compliant but you also hold all the relevant certifications and paperwork to prove compliance. That sets you up for all of your future regulatory needs. Of course, it is still a good idea to have regular inspections after the house is complete. But because you have been working with us from the beginning, you know exactly what to expect- there should be no issues to start with and we can educate you about potential risks that you should keep an eye on.