23 Jan 2018
Pre-purchase Building inspection

Why is a Building Inspection in Adelaide so Important? Buying a new property in Adelaide is an exciting milestone. However, along with the excitement comes feelings of anxiousness and stress. Working out your home or business budget is the hard part, and you’ll want to be sure that you are buying something that is worth […]

26 Dec 2017
Commercial Building inspection

What does a Commercial Building Inspector Check For? Whether it is an investment property or setting up a new space for your business, buying a commercial space in Adelaide is full of many considerations. Is the property appropriate for the nature of the business itself? And will it produce a viable stream of income to […]

26 Dec 2017
Building Inspections Adelaide

Building inspections in Adelaide – and what they cover Before you go through the real estate buying process, there is an abundance of important information that needs to be considered. You might be thinking whether or not the asking price is realistic, or you could just be rejigging your finances to make something work because […]

01 Dec 2017

When to get an Adelaide Building Inspection  Congratulations! You’re looking to buy a home, or at least thinking about the process. Purchasing a property is meant to be a happy and rewarding experience in life. However, the reality is that the procedure is usually anything but a carefree time. There is constantly so much to […]

01 Dec 2017

Building Inspections in Adelaide are Necessary It’s likely that you have had some pretty in-depth thoughts and discussions about your finances if you are in the process of buying a house. Establishing your budget is the hard part. After all, it’s so important that you buy within your means. Throughout the buying process, you will […]

11 Oct 2017

What happens in a building inspection? So you’re looking to buy or sell a house. Due to the considerable financial outlay, it is not uncommon for your first thought to be along the lines of, “How do I get the best value for money?’ This is such an exciting but stressful time in your life, […]