Bidding at Auction in Adelaide

In one sense, bidding for property at an auction is very different from the traditional way of buying it. The method of setting the price and coming to an agreement about costs and other transactional details is much faster than in a traditional context. However, that does not mean that you should skimp on inspections. No matter how you acquire it, property needs to be inspected. There are no exceptions.

Keep in mind that you have no idea the last time the property had a good inspection. If you talk to the current owner or the auctioneer and they can provide you with documentation about past inspections, that helps, but it is not likely that the inspections came from a company that you know and trust.



That’s why you should come to us, Detail Building Inspections Adelaide. Our years of experience and standards of excellence mean that we are adept at assessing any kind of property, even if it is up for auction. We pride ourselves on our fast response times. Many callers are satisfied within 24 hours. When you are in a fast-paced environment like a property auction, you need speed. We can certainly provide that.

Don’t think that our speed comes at the expense of accuracy, either. We are careful and thorough every time we make an inspection. This is especially relevant for buying property at auction in Adelaide, because frequently this kind of property is older. That means more complications: pest damage, water damage, pipes and electrical work that is out of code, and so on. You really need a good inspection to understand the total cost of the house- the auction price as well as everything you need to put into it to get it in as good shape as possible.

It wouldn’t hurt to get a pest inspection on the house in addition to a regular inspection, but in any case, we can take care of all your inspection needs when you are buying a house at auction. Feel free to give us a call for a consultation and talk to us about the property. We are always available to help, and our staff has many years of collective experience in many different kinds of inspections.